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Tematyka badań prowadzonych w ZTMiR

  • Biorobotyka i humanoidy
  • Biomechanika i bezpieczeństwo bierne
  • Dynamika układów wieloczłonowych
  • Projektowanie układów robotycznych
  • Roboty medyczne i rehabilitacyjne
  • Roboty mobilne


Hamiltonian approach for large-scale multibody systems


The main objective of this project is to develop and investigate highly efficient methods for computer-aided modeling and analysis of complex multibody systems in a unified Hamiltonian approach

Efficient optimal control methods for multibody systems

Two degree of freedom closed loop robotic system

Current problems require engineers to predict how specific parameters or control inputs will affect the behavior of the complex multibody system. The adjoint method is one of the more interesting methods for systematically calculating the gradient.

Physics-Based and Data-Driven Models For Robot Control

Control architecture

The project aims at pushing an area of expertise to (i) integrate MBS formulations with data–driven techniques, (ii) develop a hybrid modeling approach for optimal trajectory generation based on the adjoint method, (iii) assess possibilities of practical applications of the developed hybrid models.

Optimal trajectory planning for redundant manipulators

KUKA LWR local frames

The Predictive Quadratic Programming Inverse Kinematics with Scaling (PQPIK-S) designed in this project solves this quandary by combining the inverse kinematics (IK) problem with trajectory scaling and solving them simultaneously.

Efficient Methods for Hybrid Rigid-Flexible Multibody Systems

Illustration of the objectives

The main aim of the project is to develop general-purpose hybrid (rigid-flexible) modeling methods that will enable reliable simulation of redundantly constrained systems while maintaining high computing efficiency.

Tools and methods for novel robotics systems

Dynamic prediction of the trajectory of the hand movement

The research concerns the design and implementation of real-time control systems, focusing on humanoids, walking machines and autonomous flying devices. Motion synthesis methods and design solutions for novel robotic systems inspired by biology are also investigated.

Reducing children's injuries in road accidents

The intelligent safety belts integrated with the child restraint system

Solutions are proposed to reduce the risk of serious injuries is the use of safety belts integrated with the child restraint system with pretensioners, load limiters and the airbag



PROTEUS – projekt realizowany w latach 2010-2013.


Archive of Mechanical Engineering

Archive of Mechanical Engineering jest czasopismem Polskiej Akademii Nauk wydawanym we współpracy z Politechniką Warszawską, Politechniką Krakowską, Politechniką Łódzką i Instytutem Podstawowych Problemów Techniki PAN, pod patronatem Komitetu Budowy Maszyn PAN.