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Prof. Teresa Zielińska

Scientific degree

 D.Sc., Ph.D., Professor


  • Full Professor
  • Vice Director of IAAM for Scientific and Educational Affairs
  • Warsaw University of Technology Rector’s Proxy for Internationalisation

Contact info

Tel.: (+48) 22 234 77 90
E-mail: Teresa.Zielinska(at)

'Nowy Lotniczy' Building, room 226


Warsaw University of Technology
Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering (FPAE)
00-665 Warsaw, ul.Nowowiejska 24, Poland

Contact hours



Warsaw Univ.of Technology, Poland, Electronics, Automatics, M.Eng., 1979
Warsaw Univ.of Technology, Poland, Robotics, Ph.D., 1987
Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, Biocybernetics Habilitation, 1995

Research interest

Utilization of biological patterns in planning of walking machines motion including humanoids (synthesis of their control methods), robotics control systems, navigation of mobile robots.

Selected practical achievements

  1. Design of communication protocol for the communication between different hardware and different operating systems (QNX and PC-104 in one side and set of 6 Motorolla TCP universal controllers in the other side); the customised communication protocol was designed, implemented and tested.
  2. Design expertise of hexapods (Nanyang Technological University and GROVEN Singapore).
  3. Design, and implementation of control and navigation system for a group of autonomous walking hexapods (GROVEN);
  4. Shear force sensor for robotic application (Loughborough University of Technology - GB)

Teaching activities

Teaching courses include control engineering, and advanced control theory (in both languages of instruction - Polish and English)


2008 Faculty of Power Engineering Vice Dean
  Visiting Profesor, Nanyang Technological University (1 month)
2008 - 2002 Head of Division on Theory of Machines and Robots, professor since 2003, full professor since 2005
2005 Visiting professor, National University of Singapore (1,5 month)
2002 - 2001 Associate Professor, Warsaw Univ. of Technology, Poland
2001 - 1998 Senior Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
1998 - 1992 Associate Professor, Warsaw Univ. of Technology, Poland
1995 Visiting Researcher, Ohio State University, USA (1,5 month)
1992 Researcher, Loughborough Univ. of Technology, UK (0.5 year)
1990 Visiting Professor, Politeccnico di Torino, Turin, Italy (0.5 year)
1992 - 1987 Senior researcher, Warsaw Univ. of Technology, Poland
1986 - 1981 Senior programmer, Computing Center, Agricultural Academy, Warsaw
1979 - 1981 Research assistaint – Polish Academy of Acience

Professional activities

  • Rector’s Proxy for Studies in English
  • European Master in Robotics -EMARO - Erasmus Mundus action 3 – partnership - local coordnator
  • Erasmus Mundus – action 4 – enhancing atractivness of computer vision and robotics in Europe (EACOVIORE) local coordinator
  • WillPower Erasmus Mundus External Windows (India) – local coordinator

Supervision of thesis

  • 3 PhD thesis
  • overall 45 BEng., M.Eng. thesis

Summary of Publications

  • Journals (in majority international) - 40
  • Books and chapters in books - 29
  • Conferences (in majority international) - 110
  • Books – edition/co-edition - 4
  • Reports and others - 26

Selected publications (max. 5)

  • Zielinska T., “Biological Aspects of Locomotion. In Walking: Biological and Technological Aspects”, CISM Courses and Lectures n. 467. Ed. by F.Pfeiffer, T.Zielinska. Springer Verlag 2004, pp.1-30
  • Zielinska T., J.Heng: Real-time Control System for a Group of Autonomous Walking Robots. Advanced Robotics, vol.20, no.5, 2006, pp.543-561
  • Zielinska T., C.M.Chew C.M.: Biologically Inspired Motion Planning in Robotics. Robot Motion and Control, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences no.335, Ed. Kozlowski K. Springer, Chapter 13, 2006, pp.201-219
  • Zielinska T., Ch.M.Chew, P.Kryczka, T.Jargilo: Robot Gait Synthesis Using the Scheme of Human Motion Skills Develoment. Mechanism and Machine Theory, vol.44, no.3, 2009, pp.541-558,
  • T.Zielinska: Journal of Physiology-Paris Volume 103, Issues 3-5, September 2009, Pages 133-140 , Biological inspiration used for robots motion synthesis.

Other relevant information

  • Nominated member of History of Machines and Mechanisms Committee IFToMM
  • Nominated member of Technical Committee Robotics by IFToMM. (International Federation on Theory of Machines and Mechanisms)
  • Senior member of IEEE.
  • Associate editor of Mechanism and Machine Theory (by Elsevier)
  • Member of Editorial Board Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering in China (Springer)
  • Member of Editorial Board Journal of Automation, Mobile Robotics and Intelligent Systems
  • Member of Steering Committee of CISM IFToMM Symposia on Robotics, and the main organizer of the event in year 2006
  • Member of Scientifics Commitee of Several International Conferences (by IFToMM, CLAWAR etc.)
  • For the Monograph: Walking Machines: Fundamentals, Design, Control and Biological Patterns (National Scientific Publisher - 2003) she awarded Minister of Education Price (2004).
  • Member of TC ROBOTICS IFtoMM member of HMM IFToMM
  • Member of WUT Senate Comission for International Matters

Recent Research Grants/Projects

  • PROTEUS – Innovative Industry Project - sub-task manager
  • Analysis of Human Gait Features for Application in Robotics (Ministry grant) - manager